1911 Extended Slide Release

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Join us as we delve into the world of shooting accessories, specifically focusing on the 1911 Extended Slide Release. This article is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the product, its features, and how it can enhance your shooting experience. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the fascinating realm of extended slide releases.

The Top 19 Best 1911 Extended Slide Release

  1. Premium Performance Engineered 1911 from Ed Brown — The Ed Brown 1911 MW Housing STS is an exceptional, precision-machined, American-made firearm housing that combines world-class experience and artistry to provide unmatched performance and durability.
  2. Comfortable 1911 Stainless Steel Grip Safety — Enhance your 1911 Auto’s control and comfort with the Wilson Combat 298S High Ride Beavertail Grip Safety — a durable stainless steel accessory that provides seamless grip safety disengagement and improved grip for a smoother shooting experience.
  3. Machined 4140 Steel 1911 Extended Slide Release in Stainless Steel — Add style and functionality to your 1911 with EGW’s Heavy Duty Slide Stop, a sleek, stainless steel slide stop that’s designed for enhanced gripping capabilities and suitable for 9mm, .38, .40, and 10mm calibers with oversized holes.
  4. Heavy-Duty 1911 Oversized Slide Release for 9mm/.38/.40 Calibers — Upgrade your 1911 with the EGW Heavy Duty Slide Stop, offering a blued carbon steel finish for enhanced grip and durability with a .203" pin size, perfect for 9mm/.38/.40 calibers.
  5. Ed Brown 3-Hole Long Trigger for 1911 Firearms — Experience the perfect balance of accuracy, craftsmanship, and performance in the Ed Brown 1911 3-Hole Long Trigger — a testament to Ed Brown’s lifelong pursuit of excellence in firearms design.
  6. Precision Serrated Glock 19 Slide for 1911 Extended Release — W-RMS Cut & Plate — Stealth Grey — Upgrade your Glock 19 with the sleek and durable True Precision Glock 19 Slide featuring Stealth Grey finish and expert craftsmanship.
  7. Wilson EXT Slide Release 7b — Matte Blue Finish for 1911 — The Wilson EXT Slide Release 7b offers a matte blue finish and efficient right thumb activation for faster reloads, making it an ideal choice for 45 ACP 1911 fans while requiring minor fitting adjustments.
  8. Ed Brown 1911 Sear Spring: Superior Components and Precision Craftsmanship — Experience unmatched performance with Ed Brown’s 822 1911 Sear Spring, a masterpiece of precision, durability, and handcraftsmanship.
  9. Custom 1911 Barrel 5-Link Kit for Extended Slide Release — Upgrade your 1911 handgun with the versatile Wilson Combat 142 1911 Barrel Link — 5 piece, featuring machined 416 stainless steel links for precise customization.
  10. Blued Extended Slide Release for 1911 Pistols — Wilson Combat’s 1911 Extended Slide Release (WCP320) brings a stunning blued finish to your firearm’s slide release, ensuring a sleek and durable look that exceeds expectations.
  11. Heat Treated 1911 Commander Slide Stop Release for 45ACP — Bullet-proof durability meets precision engineering in the Wilson 1911 Commander 45 ACP Slide Stop, designed to withstand the relentless forces of 1911 Autos without compromising function or style.
  12. Bulletproof 1911 Slide Release for 9mm and 38 Super Pistols — Wilson Slide Release 414SS — Machined from stainless steel, Bullet Proof durability and built-in detent for unmatched strength and reliability in your 1911 9mm and .38 Super pistols.
  13. Extended Slide Lock for Glock Pistols — Steel Construction, Fits Gen4–5 Models — Upgrade your Glock with the Lone Wolf Extended Slide Lock Lever: Black — a reliable, easy-to-install solution for quicker field stripping without compromising holster compatibility.
  14. Easy-to-Install 3-Pin Extended Slide Stop for 1911 Models — Say goodbye to slow reloads and smooth mag changes with Lone Wolf’s Extended Slide Stop — perfect for speed-focused recreational shooters, self-defense, and serious competition.
  15. High-Quality 1911 Extended Slide Release for Optimal Performance — Boost your shooting experience with the Ghost FWD Slide Release for GLK Blk and enjoy efficient slide stopping power in extreme conditions for enhanced precision and safety.
  16. Enhanced Extended Slide Release for 1911 Pistols — Elevate your 1911 pistol performance with the Ghost Black EXT Slide Release, a seamless and unobtrusive addition for enhanced slide manipulation and ultimate control in adverse conditions.
  17. Extreme Slide Release for GLK Handgun — Ghost STS EXT Slide Release — Enhance your 1911’s reliability and function with this robust and forward-set slide stop perfect for demanding situations, available in silver color.
  18. Stainless Steel 1911 Extended Slide Release — Upgrade your Glock’s manipulation with the robust Ghost Inc. Ghost STS EXT Slide Release, engineered for top-notch slide stopping power under challenging situations.
  19. Adjustable 1911 Slide Release for 13–5/8" to 16–5/8" Grip — The Springfield 1253031l EXP.MANUAL Adj 2–3/8' W/Slide is an adjustable 1911 Extended Slide Release with a locking Trac-Lock slide and swivel, ideal for shooting enthusiasts seeking improved control and accuracy.

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Premium Performance Engineered 1911 from Ed Brown


Ed Brown’s 1911 MW Housing has been a reliable partner in my daily gun range practice. Its superior components and precision machining give it the edge I need for accuracy and dependability.

The magwell’s drop-in fit has proven to be seamless and the quality shines through in all its details. Even in the high-stress situations, it has delivered reliable performance, backed by Ed Brown’s commitment to perfection.

While there may be a few naysayers, the multitude of positive reviews underline the overall satisfaction of the product among gun enthusiasts.

Comfortable 1911 Stainless Steel Grip Safety


The Wilson Combat BeaverTail Grip Safety is a sturdy addition to any 1911 Auto, boasting a comfortable and secure grip. The High Ride design allows for a more snug fit, providing enhanced control and reducing felt recoil.

However, I found that it required some adjustments to fit my firearm perfectly, which could be a drawback for some users. Overall, I enjoyed using this product and found it to be a reliable choice for those looking to improve their 1911 Auto experience.

Machined 4140 Steel 1911 Extended Slide Release in Stainless Steel


As a gun enthusiast, I recently came across the EGW Heavy Duty Slide Stop and decided to give it a try. The oversized slide stop was a welcome addition to my 1911. I appreciated the enhanced gripping capability provided by the serrations on the pad.

What stood out to me was the stainless steel finish, which not only looked great but also added durability. The machining from 4140 Steel provided both strength and a sleek appearance. The. 203" pin size was just right for my firearm, and it worked perfectly with the 9mm, . 38, and. 40 calibers.

However, one thing I noticed was that the installation process took a bit longer than expected. I would have appreciated clearer instructions to make the process smoother. Nonetheless, once installed, this heavy-duty slide stop significantly improved my grip and overall experience with my 1911.

Overall, the product has its pros and cons, but the enhanced grip and sleek design make it a worthwhile addition to any 1911. With a bit more attention to detail in the installation process, this slide stop would be even better.

Heavy-Duty 1911 Oversized Slide Release for 9mm/.38/.40 Calibers


I was intrigued by the EGW Heavy Duty Slide Stop, especially since it’s designed for 1911s in 9mm/38/40/10mm with oversized holes. This thing is machined from 4140 Steel and has a blued carbon steel finish that makes it look quite classy.

One feature I really noticed is the serrations on the pad, providing a nice and secure grip. However, I found that this slide stop can be slightly heavy to operate compared to others I’ve used.

Overall, it’s a solid addition to the Heavy Duty line, but it might not be for everyone, especially those who prefer a lighter feel.

Ed Brown 3-Hole Long Trigger for 1911 Firearms


I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Ed Brown 1911 3-Hole Long Trigger, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The trigger’s long, smooth design made it incredibly comfortable and easy to use, allowing me to shoot more accurately and confidently.

This trigger truly embodies Ed Brown’s commitment to quality and precision in all of their products. The attention to detail in crafting this trigger is evident, from its sleek design to its perfectly balanced weight. I also appreciated how it allowed me to customize my 1911 to suit my shooting style, making it a versatile and reliable choice.

However, the one downside I experienced was that this trigger required some adjustments and fine-tuning to get it to fit my specific firearm. While this may be a minor inconvenience for some, it highlights the need for a bit of expertise when installing the trigger.

Overall, the Ed Brown 1911 3-Hole Long Trigger is a top-quality addition to any enthusiast’s collection. Its durable, reliable performance and ability to enhance my shooting experience make it well worth the investment.

Precision Serrated Glock 19 Slide for 1911 Extended Release — W-RMS Cut & Plate — Stealth Grey


I was impressed with the True Precision Glock 19 Slide, particularly its sleek Stealth Grey finish. As an avid gun enthusiast, I was excited to test it out in my daily life. The slide’s aggressive reduced and scalloped front gave it a unique, modern look that caught everyone’s attention at the range. Plus, its drop-in installation made it a breeze to set up, allowing me to spend more time practicing my aim.

However, I did notice some cons. The side and top cut windows were a little too angled for my liking, making it harder to slide the magazine in and out. Additionally, the 1911 Extended Slide Release was a bit too large for my comfort, but it’s a minor compromise for the overall functionality of the slide.

Overall, this True Precision Glock 19 Slide has become my go-to choice for the range, thanks to its stunning appearance and reliable performance. Despite the minor cons, the pros definitely outweigh them, making it a top contender among its competitors.

Wilson EXT Slide Release 7b — Matte Blue Finish for 1911


The Wilson EXT Slide Release 7b is a handy addition to any 1911 handgun, especially for those who prefer using their right thumb to drop the slide. With its extended design, it allows a seamless transition from grip to thumb action, making reloading faster and more efficient. The matte blue finish of this release adds a touch of elegance to your firearm, but don’t let its looks fool you — it’s built to last with top-notch materials and craftsmanship.

While installation is generally straightforward, some users may find that minor fitting adjustments are needed to ensure optimum performance. Despite this minor inconvenience, the overall functionality and ease of use make this slide release a solid choice for enhancing your shooting experience. Its low profile also ensures that it doesn’t interfere with your grip, making it a versatile and practical option.

Overall, the Wilson EXT Slide Release 7b is a worthwhile investment for any 1911 owner who wants to streamline their reloading process and improve their firearm’s functionality. Its combination of style, performance, and durability make it a standout product in the market, and an essential addition to your handgun collection.

Ed Brown 1911 Sear Spring: Superior Components and Precision Craftsmanship


For those who appreciate a well-crafted and dependable firearm component, Ed Brown’s 822 1911 Sear Spring is an excellent choice. After using this component in my firearm, I can confidently say it delivered on its promises. The seamless blend of superior components, precision machining, and attention to detail is evident in every product.

The 822 Sear Spring stood out to me in a few ways. Its remarkable precision ensures smooth and reliable performance. However, I found it to be slightly heavier than I would have preferred, which could slightly impact overall efficiency. Despite this minor drawback, I still find this product to be a high-quality component worth considering.

Custom 1911 Barrel 5-Link Kit for Extended Slide Release


You might be wondering, why would I need to buy the Wilson Combat 1911 Barrel Link to improve my shooting? Well, let me tell you a little story. Just the other day, I took my 1911 out to the range to try out some new ammo I’ve been eyeing. I thought I’d give it a try since I’ve been having some issues with the tightness of the barrel. Just as I was about to take my first shot, I noticed that the slide wasn’t moving as smoothly as it should. That’s when the brilliant idea of using the Wilson Combat 1911 Barrel Link popped into my head.

I decided to give it a shot, even though I was a bit skeptical since I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to these kinds of things. But you know what? It worked like a charm. The barrel links were easy to install and they made a world of difference. The slide moved with a smoothness I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I felt confident that my shots would be more accurate and that’s exactly what happened.

One of the things that stood out to me was how well the links fit into the barrel. It felt like they were made just for my 1911. The overall quality of the product was impressive and I had a hard time believing that it wasn’t more expensive considering the level of craftsmanship.

Now, let’s talk about the downside. The only issue I encountered was that there wasn’t a separate kit for connecting pins. The set I got was great, but it would have been even better if I had all the pieces in the same package.

All in all, the Wilson Combat 1911 Barrel Link was a game-changer for me. It made my shooting experience more enjoyable and gave me the confidence I needed to take my skills to the next level. So, if you’re having issues with your 1911 or just looking to improve, I highly recommend giving this product a try.

Blued Extended Slide Release for 1911 Pistols


The Wilson Combat Slide Release, WCP320, Extended, Blued 320-SR is a valuable addition to any 1911 enthusiast’s collection. The blued finish and extended slide release add a refined touch to the classic design that’s sure to turn a few heads at the firing range.

Handling this product is a treat, as it’s both lightweight and easy to grip, thanks to its 1 oz weight. The extended slide release is an excellent feature that makes operating the gun smoother and more precise. The bluing process enhances the aesthetic appeal of the aluminum slide, ensuring it remains sleek and durable.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Some users have complained about the size of the extended slide release, as it can catch on clothing or holsters. This minor inconvenience is hardly a deal-breaker given the benefits this extension provides.

Overall, the Wilson Combat Slide Release, WCP320, Extended, Blued 320-SR is an outstanding accessory for any gun enthusiast looking to elevate their 1911 experience. Its ergonomic design, sleek finish, and ease-of-use are just a few of the reasons why it’s worth consideration.

Heat Treated 1911 Commander Slide Stop Release for 45ACP


In my daily life, I’ve come to really appreciate the Wilson Bullet Proof Slide Stop Release 45 ACP. I was having trouble with my 1911 Commander, specifically with the slide locking back on the last round when using certain magazines. That all changed when I installed this bad boy.

The slide stop is meticulously crafted from heat treated tool steel, which adds robustness for those pesky instances when I take a hard hit. That built-in detent is a game-changer as well, never faltering even in the face of consistent usage.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. While the serrated top is neat, it sometimes causes a bit of a clink clink when I slide the magazine in. But hey, I guess you can’t have everything, right?

I wish to emphasize that this drop-in part does fit perfectly into a properly manufactured 1911 Auto, saving me a couple of extra steps. And the fact that the parts are forged just adds an extra pinch of quality.

Overall, the Bullet Proof Slide Stop Release is a worthy addition to my 1911 Commander. But remember, just like in life, nothing’s perfect.

Bulletproof 1911 Slide Release for 9mm and 38 Super Pistols


I recently installed the Bullet Proof Slide Release from Wilson Combat on my 1911 pistol. As someone who frequently shoots and carries this semi-automatic handgun, the slide stop has always been a source of concern for me. The solid stainless steel construction of this slide stop felt like a game-changer.

The built-in detent and serrated top provide a more secure grip, while the maximum tolerance shaft ensures a proper fit even after years of use. It’s a refreshing change from the standard options available in the market, giving me an extra layer of confidence in my daily carry. However, the installation process can be a bit tricky since it requires no fitting in a properly manufactured 1911.

It’s a remarkable piece of engineering from Wilson Combat, making it easy to recommend for 1911 enthusiasts. It’s a simple upgrade that adds an extra layer of durability to an already reliable and time-tested design.

Extended Slide Lock for Glock Pistols — Steel Construction, Fits Gen4–5 Models


Having the Lone Wolf “Black” extended slide lock in my daily life has been quite the experience. The first thing that stood out was its compatibility with a variety of holsters, which is always a plus. The installation and removal process were surprisingly simple, making it an effortless addition to my Glock pistol. The extended slide lock, as compared to the stock Glock part, definitely provides an advantage during disassembly, making it a practical choice.

One of the notable features of this Lone Wolf product is that it’s constructed from steel, which adds to its durability and reliability. It’s a delightful discovery that this slide lock lever can accommodate either leaf or coil style slide lock springs, making it incredibly versatile for Gen4–5 guns. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t fit all Glock models and is not compatible with G/36/42/43.

Considering the pros and cons, the Lone Wolf “Black” extended slide lock lever definitely has its merits, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Overall, it’s a practical addition to any Glock pistol, but it’s important to double-check compatibility before making the purchase.

Easy-to-Install 3-Pin Extended Slide Stop for 1911 Models


I recently tried the Lone Wolf Extended Slide Stop on my Glock pistol and it’s been a game-changer! Gone are the days of struggling to hit the small and difficult to reach OEM slide stop while reloading. The Lone Wolf version is a significant upgrade, both in terms of durability and functionality.

One of the standout features is the easy installation or removal process, making it perfect for anyone from recreational shooters to serious competitors. The smoother mag changes and faster reloads are an added bonus, especially when you’re in a hurry.

However, it’s essential to note that it will not fit early 2-pin models 17, 17L, 34, and G36 owners must use a modified LWD-7496. Overall, the Lone Wolf Extended Slide Stop has been a great addition to my Glock, and I highly recommend it for those looking to improve their shooting experience.

High-Quality 1911 Extended Slide Release for Optimal Performance


I’ve been using the Ghost FWD Slide Release for GLK Blk quite a bit lately, and I have to say, it’s made a noticeable difference in my daily life. The slide release itself is designed to be extremely durable and sturdy, which makes sense given the aggressive manipulations and slide stopping power it’s meant to provide.

One feature that really stands out is its ability to prevent operator malfunctions, which is a huge plus when you’re dealing with something as important as a firearm. The forward set positioning is another great feature, as it allows for smooth operation even in the most adverse conditions.

Of course, there were a few things I wish were different. For one, the slide release is quite heavy-duty, which can make it a bit tricky to use for those with smaller hands. Additionally, the age group specified for this product is adult, which might not be ideal for everyone.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the Ghost FWD Slide Release for GLK Blk. It’s provided me with a reliable and efficient means of operating my firearm, even in the most difficult situations.

Enhanced Extended Slide Release for 1911 Pistols


As a fellow gun enthusiast, I can attest to the convenience and efficiency of the Ghost Black EXT Slide Release for GLK. This nifty little addition makes operating your firearm a breeze, even in the most adverse conditions. It’s streamlined to not interfere with other pistol parts, making it unobtrusive yet highly effective.

One feature that stands out for me is its ability to make slide stopping power accessible with just a gentle nudge of my index finger. It’s a fantastic upgrade for someone like me who’s used to fumbling with the stock release. The product itself is well-made and, as far as I can tell, will last a lifetime.

However, it’s not without its minor drawbacks. Some users have mentioned a preference for a more pronounced “bump” or edge for a more positive feel. Personally, I don’t feel like it’s a dealbreaker, but it’s something to be aware of.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use slide release for your GLK, this Ghost Black EXT model certainly fits the bill. With its unobtrusive design and power under the most challenging circumstances, it’s a must-have addition to any gun enthusiast’s toolkit.

Extreme Slide Release for GLK Handgun


I recently got my hands on the Ghost STS EXT Slide Release for GLK, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my handgun. This sleek, silver slide release makes it a breeze to slide stop under any condition, and it definitely adds a touch of style to my gun.

One of the highlights I noticed was its versatility. It’s perfect for those who want to perform aggressive manipulations without worrying about inducing malfunctions. Its forward set design is really a game-changer, as it makes the slide release more accessible and easier to reach for those with larger hands.

However, like any product, there are a couple of cons to consider. The installation process was a bit tricky, and I had to spend a fair bit of time trying to get it right. Additionally, a few users have mentioned that the product snapped off during installation, which can be frustrating.

On the plus side, most users have had great experiences with this product, praising its functionality and design. It’s a great upgrade for anyone looking to enhance the performance of their GLK handgun.

Stainless Steel 1911 Extended Slide Release


In my daily life, I’ve come across this sleek and durable slide release by Ghost Inc. Their Ghost STS EXT is the perfect accessory for my Glock, providing a smooth slide release even in the toughest situations. It fits securely, offering an extended reach that allows for quick and easy manipulations.

One of the standout highlights of this slide release is its stainless steel finish, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides excellent durability. However, I have to admit that it can also be a tad heavy, causing some discomfort during long shooting sessions.

Overall, the Ghost STS EXT slide release for GLK is a great addition to any Glock enthusiast’s arsenal. The extended reach, easy manipulation, and secure fit make it a reliable and convenient accessory for those who want to take their Glock game to the next level.

Adjustable 1911 Slide Release for 13–5/8" to 16–5/8" Grip


I recently had the chance to try out the Springfield 1253031l EXP. MANUAL Adj 2–3/8' W/Slide, and let me tell you, it was quite the experience. This 1911 extended slide release really shines in terms of its adjustability. It smoothly glides from 13–5/8 to 16–5/8 in just one increment, and the locking Trac-Lock slide and swivel ensure a secure grip.

One of the standout features is the anodized post and satin base, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also makes for a durable and long-lasting design. But, having said that, the only drawback I noticed was the occasional slip of the slide due to its smoothness.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a reliable and stylish 1911 extended slide release, the Springfield 1253031l EXP. MANUAL is definitely worth considering. However, always remember that it might require some getting used to in terms of the slide’s slip-prone nature.

Buyer’s Guide

The 1911 Extended Slide Release is an essential accessory for gun enthusiasts who want to improve their pistol’s functionality and ease of operation. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the key features, considerations, and general advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing this product.


Important Features

The following features are crucial when evaluating 1911 Extended Slide Releases:

  1. Material: Look for high-quality materials like aluminum or steel, which can withstand the rigors of usage and maintain their durability. 2. Finish: Consider the type of finish, like anodized or powder-coated, as it can affect the slide release’s resistance to corrosion and wear. 3. Ergonomics: Opt for an ergonomic design that improves your grip and comfort during operation.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Before making a purchase, consider the following factors:

  1. Gun compatibility: Ensure that the extended slide release is compatible with your specific 1911 model, as some manufacturers may have variations. 2. Comfort and convenience: Test the extended slide release to determine if it enhances your shooting experience and makes it easier to operate the pistol. 3. Durability and reliability: Look for a product with a solid reputation for durability and reliability, as this will increase the likelihood of a long-lasting investment.

General Advice for Selecting a 1911 Extended Slide Release

Here are some general tips to help you choose the right 1911 Extended Slide Release:

  1. Research: Browse online forums, reviews, and testimonials to gather information and compare different products. 2. Consult with experts: Speak to knowledgeable personnel at firearms stores or shooting ranges for personalized advice. 3. Try before you buy: If possible, test the product in person to see if it meets your preferences and needs.

The 1911 Extended Slide Release is a valuable addition for gun enthusiasts looking to enhance their pistol’s operation. By considering the key features, things to consider, and general advice provided in this buyer’s guide, you will have a better understanding of how to choose the right product for your needs. Always remember to prioritize durability, reliability, and compatibility when making your decision. Happy shopping!



What does the 1911 extended slide release feature?

The 1911 extended slide release is designed for easier operation of the pistol’s slide. It includes an extended slide release button that is larger and more ergonomic than the standard slide release. This makes it easier to engage and disengage the slide, which can be particularly useful in high-stress situations or for those with limited dexterity.

Furthermore, the extended slide release can also be used as a backup method for manually cycling the slide, which can be especially helpful in case of malfunctions or jams. It’s an excellent addition for those who prefer a more user-friendly and intuitive pistol design, especially for those who frequently shoot or carry the 1911 model.

Does the extended slide release affect the overall aesthetics of the pistol?

While the introduction of an extended slide release might affect the overall appearance of the pistol to some extent, this alteration typically caters to the ergonomics and functionality of the firearm. The added feature enhances the pistol’s usability and comfort for the user. Many extended slide releases are designed to blend seamlessly with the 1911’s classic aesthetic, maintaining its iconic look while improving its handling and feel.

The extended slide release can either be attached to an existing 1911 or integrated during the manufacturing process, depending on the user’s preference. This versatility allows shooters to tailor the pistol’s look and feel to their liking, ensuring that the extended slide release suits their aesthetic preferences, as well as their functional requirements.


Is the extended slide release compatible with other 1911 pistol models?

In most cases, the 1911 extended slide release is compatible with a wide range of 1911 models, including Government, Commander, and Officer models. The compatibility typically applies to both traditional 1911s with manual safeties and those with decocker/safety features. However, some aftermarket extended slide releases may have specific compatibility requirements, so it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before making a purchase.

It’s also important to note that extended slide releases are generally designed to fit within the existing frame and slide contours of the 1911 design. This minimizes the need for additional modifications or alterations to the pistol, ensuring a smooth and straightforward installation process for most users.

Are there any potential drawbacks or issues with using an extended slide release?

While the 1911 extended slide release offers numerous benefits for its users, there are certain potential drawbacks to consider. For some, the added length of the slide release button may alter the pistol’s overall balance, which could affect shooting accuracy or comfort during extended shooting sessions. This is a minor concern, but it’s essential to assess the user’s preferences and requirements before making any modifications or upgrades.

In some instances, extended slide releases can also introduce the possibility of pinching or discomfort when holding the pistol. However, this issue is generally minimal and can usually be mitigated by proper grip technique and fitting a suitable aftermarket grip safety, which can be adjusted to accommodate the extended slide release.


Can the extended slide release be installed without professional assistance?

For the most part, installing an extended slide release on a 1911 pistol can be accomplished without professional assistance. Many aftermarket extended slide releases come with installation instructions and are designed to be user-friendly, with simple installation procedures for most shooters. However, if you’re unsure about any aspect of the installation process, it’s always a good idea to consult a qualified gunsmith or firearms expert for guidance to avoid any potential issues.

It’s also important to ensure that you’re working with a reputable aftermarket parts manufacturer to ensure the quality and accuracy of the extended slide release you’re installing. A well-made extended slide release should be durable, precise, and should fit correctly with minimal or no adjustment needed.

What is the typical lifespan or durability of an extended slide release?

When properly designed and installed, an extended slide release should offer long-lasting durability and reliability. High-quality aftermarket extended slide releases are crafted from sturdy materials, such as steel or aluminum, to withstand the rigors of regular use in a variety of applications, including target shooting, recreational shooting, and competitive shooting. They are designed to withstand the cycling forces of the 1911’s slide effectively.

However, it’s crucial to maintain and clean the extended slide release and the pistol itself regularly to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Proper gun maintenance, including regular cleaning and oiling, can significantly extend the lifespan of an extended slide release and the overall performance of the firearm.